Good friends do not induce you to drugs

Ten years ago, I retired from college level teacher and started teaching math to middle school students. As a university teacher, I never knew of any of my students who had problems with drug addiction; However, in my first year of teaching math to seventh grade, with much younger students, I had the opportunity to meet a student, whom I love very much, who faced the drug problem in that school year and was able to overcome it. She told me that one of her friends insisted that she take some white pills that she distributed. He suggested that they would make her forget all her problems, that she would really enjoy life, that she would always feel good about herself, and that she could stop taking them whenever she wanted to.
After much insistence, she agreed. From being a regular student, she became a student who did not assimilate anything, who was missing a lot, she was always distracted and with behavior problems and finally failed all the subjects of her school year.
He told me that when he remembered that incident, he always thought of the biblical story of the serpent’s temptation. She said that who she thought was her friend, just wanted to drag her to a bottomless pit of drug addiction and hopelessness. Like the serpent of biblical history, her friend offered her many false things, to tempt her and over and over again, until she was able to vitiate her. I can hardly remember her face, she told me, but when I think of her, her face is transfigured into a snake.
She told me that she was able to overcome the problem of drug addiction when she realized that her life was in ruins, that everything had been a hoax. What he felt had fallen into a bottomless chasm. He told me that drugs had destroyed his life and made his loved ones unhappy. She told me that there was a time just thinking about suicide to leave everything behind. That before he had drugs he had problems, but his vice increased them to make them intolerable, That he had given everything he had to have returned to the time when he was a student who did not consume them. She confided her problem to her grandmother; she told me that they cried a lot together and that together they also asked God to ask her for the strength that would help to get ahead.
That is why I tell my students what drugs are the greatest enemy they have to succeed in life, destroy their future and hope to thrive. They are the easiest way to prison, to poverty, to loss of health, loss of family, marginalization and finally death.
One child asked me if she could die with one-time use of drugs. I answered what
I have read of cases of sudden death, but more frequent cases of people suffering irreversible brain damage with a single shot, in colloquial language go crazy. Suggest you check the internet statistics. More than 55,000 people die each year in the United States directly from drugs, there are more than a million people incarcerated for that cause, and countless families live with the martyrdom of having a family drug addict. Which really was not worth trying.
Drugs are bad for both those who consume them and those around them, they hurt them personally and hurt their families and friends. If someone wants to induce you to drugs, stay away from him, since he only wants your harm.
If you have fallen into this serious problem, seek the support of your close relatives, your spiritual guide, your teachers or counselors. Do not give up, always fight to get ahead.

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