Congratulations to all my students on their outstanding accomplishment in the STAAR test 2017.  Awesome job students!

You shined like a star on the STAAR test!

92% of my students passed. The highest score on the math exam for sixth grade in the school and across our School District.

65%   Overall Improvement

152%   Commended Performance Improvement

The following students meet the academic standards imposed by the state:

Tovar, Ian E
Commended Performance
Tristan, Natalie N
Commended Performance
Perez, Brianna K
Commended Performance
Peralta, Alejandro J
Commended Performance
Sevilla, Adolfo G
Commended Performance
Trevino, Raul
Commended Performance
Landin, Natalie I
Commended Performance
Portillo, Edewin D
Commended Performance
Santillano, Arely R
Commended Performance
Contreras, Victorio
Commended Performance
Montoya, Miranda N
Commended Performance
Velazco, Sthefanie G
Commended Performance
Aguilar, Joanna F
Commended Performance
Cavazos, Fatima S
Commended Performance
Gutierrez, Gerezyn J
Commended Performance
Parra, Gilberto I
Commended Performance
Pena, Valeria
Commended Performance
Valles, Roel A
Commended Performance
Garza, Sergio
Guerrero, Gabrielle T
Leon, Uvaldo F
Mendez, Rehu A
Padilla, Jesse
Vera, Allie C
Cranston, Rogelio D
Gonzalez, Kirani C
Rosas, Blinzia Y
Aldaco, Xayna G
Carreon, Luis A
Cerda, Emilio G
Lopez, Leslie B
Valdez, Evelyn E
Cantu, Cody
De La O, Natalie
Vargas, Jorge L
Gonzalez Perez, Sidney
Lopez, Sanjuanita N
Munoz, Valeria
Olivares, Tamara
Ramirez, Patricia E
Rosales, Jennifer R
Sandoval, Alexa S
Serna, Santiago
Zapata, Gael
Caballero, Adam M
Espinoza, Ricardo
Gonzalez, Alexis N
Inclan, Ruby
Leal, Anna V
Martinez, Olga E
Rivera, Hector A
Rubio, Rayleen D
Estrada, Alessandra
Hernandez, Amanda M
Perez, Lourdes S
Rodriguez, Angelina N
Villegas, Johneric
Aguirre Pedraza, Carolina
Castillo, Alexa J
Garcia, Brandon A
Gonzalez, Korayma
Pena, Beatriz A
Ramirez, Triana S
Lopez, Branden T
Martinez, Brisa N
Allen, Matthew J
Cortinas, Carolina A
Guerra, Gabriel
Benavides Arguijo, Oscar A
Carreon, Evelyn
Orozco, Melanie H
Ruiz, Jorge I
Trujillo, Lexie M

I want you to know that you have made me very proud to be your teacher. I feel rather like a proud parent! I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you. I have watched all of you grow in attitude and in Math skills. I am very proud of you, as you have demonstrated huge commitment and tried your very best during this school year.

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