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Guadalupe Trevino is a math teacher, holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Electric Engineering, and a Master Degree in Business Administration (TAMIU). She is a book author and an accomplished motivational speaker. Having worked as a college professor teaching engineering for over 20 years, she has an expertise in technology which has allowed her to develop customized interactive programs for her students.

Weekly Practice


Expressions 1
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Scientific notation

Scientific Notation 1
Scientific Notation 2
Scientific Notation 3
Scientific Notation 4


Cone 1
Cone 2


Sphere 1
Sphere 2


Proportions 1
Proportions 2


Cube 1
Cube 2
Cube 3
Cube 4
Cube 5
Cube 6



I am sorry I could not go to work lately. I hope see you soon.

You can practice solving by yourself the following quizzes.  If you have any doubt about how to solve any question, please ask me.

Rectangular Prism 1
Rectangular Prism 2
Rectangular Prism 3


Triangular Prism 1
Triangular Prism 2
Triangular Prism 3
Triangular Prism 4
Triangular Prism 5


Sphere 1
Sphere 2


Cylinder 1
Cylinder 2


Cone 1
Cone 2



Proportions 1
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Equations 1
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Similar Figures 1
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Similar Figures 4
Similar Figures 5
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Scientific Notation 1
Scientific Notation 2
Scientific Notation 3
Scientific Notation 4


Overindulgent Parents, Underachieving Children

As a teacher, I have always believed that our mission transcends the task of simply transmitting knowledge, and calls upon us to give children the means to succeed in life. I also believe that we should not limit ourselves to teaching our students the standard curriculum in Math, Science, and English, but should also give them the tools to be effective parents themselves when the time comes.

Regrettably, no one teaches us how to be parents, and when the time comes, we often confront the challenge by improvising and learning on the job from our repeated mistakes. As parents, we often go to one extreme or the other: We become overprotective of our children or give them too little protection. This leads to some kids being shielded from all their responsibilities and being unable to do anything on their own, and others being left to fend for themselves in the absence of any supervision. Good parenting requires us to strike a balance between protecting them and letting them discover the world on their own.

One of the major problems that I have encountered as a teacher is that of overindulgent parents, who—in their desire to protect their children—keep them in their comfort zone; this ends up sabotaging their academic achievement. I know from experience that there are some parents who often do their children’s homework, and other academic work because the youngsters are unable to understand the concepts in the work sent home by the teachers for further study. Worse still, since the teachers are under the impression that the students have already mastered the concepts, they do not schedule any further review of the topic. This does not help our students; it has the opposite effect because it encourages irresponsibility and deceit. These habits will, in the long run, end up hindering the chances of academic success.

Several research studies show that there is a link between overindulgent parents and deviant behaviors such as drug use, underage drinking, pregnant teens and affective disorders.

As teachers, we must contend with the myriad of excuses that parents give to explain why their children did not do their homework; some excuses are very creative, but most are very run-of-the-mill. Parents often make excuses to explain their children’s absence from class—such as medical appointments, family illness, unavoidable social gatherings.  Parents should understand that by doing this they are not helping their children, on the contrary, they are hurting their children’s development. Every kid must learn to take responsibility for his own assignments.

Excuses are for losers

There is a proven recipe for success that I would like to share with you:
Success is simple. Do what’s right, the right way, at the right time. Arnold H. Glasow


10 Rules for Raising Delinquent Children



“The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.”

Nelson Mandela,


During the next days I’ll give advice in math to eighth graders.
Please see my other blog:
Ms Garcia Math 8.edublogs.org 

My goal for the next days is to only address concepts that have not been taught to you and to revise and reinforce your knowledge before taking STAAR 8th Grade Math RETEST.

It is my goal with this review to help you do the best that you can, given the scarce time that you’ve got to work with.

STUDENTS: Please do not make medical or dental appointments during these days. School attendance is essential to academic success.

PARENTS: Lamar students and teachers are continuing to work hard to prepare for STAAR. I know many parents are working with their children in conjunction with the classroom teacher.  Your contribution of time and patience are appreciated.

The way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.

             suma Basic Math Skills Review





Pre Test     and     Math Review


“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali

Extra tutorial classes-

Bridge the gap to Success

What you want to do with your life?

The only way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.


“If we wait until we’re ready, we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives.”

  1. Snicket


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Proportions (Today’s Assignment)

Solve the following questions:   Proportions in Real Life

Lesson Frame
The problem of the Day

 We will APPLY SIMILARITY in real-world situations.

I will EXPLAIN to my partner in some ways that PROPORTIONS  are used in my home.

SF01       Scale_Drawing

SF02       Scale_Factor

PP05      Proportions word problems and equations

SF04       Shadow

SF05       Similar Figures_Missing Side

PP43      Distance – Rate – Time Word Problems.

PP50      Car_Math

Help Topics



 Create and solve your own problem by applying proportions in real life situation.

Word problem Writing Template

My own problem

Problem Solving Format

Essential Questions
Observation, Self-graded quizzes, and Journal
How do I represent and/or solve real-world and mathematical problems using rates, ratios, and/or percents?
Discount, Tax, Percent of change, Proportional rates, cross-products, proportions, equivalent ratios, solving a proportion

Shadows Math from Ms Garcia on Vimeo.
Ratio Tables


Early College

The Early College High School provides students the opportunity to receive a high school diploma and two years of college credit (or an Associate degree), free. (The tuition of two years at college worth more than $28,000) Early college students are outperforming their peers nationwide, 90% graduate high school vs. 78% of students nationally; 94% earn free college credit while in high school.

Many of my former students could realize their dreams through the LISD Early College. You can also achieve the success you deserve.

ECHS School

Laredo Early College High School – Where dreams are ignited by the flames of knowledge.


EC today


Top 5 benefits of Early College




Date:  April 9, 2019      Math STAAR (will have a four-hour time limit).

Test questions for all grade levels can be found on TEA’s website,



During the next days, we will be preparing for the upcoming STAAR exam.

My goal for the next days is to revise and reinforce your knowledge before taking STAAR  Grade Math Test.

It is my goal with this review to help you do the best you can, given the scarce time that we’ve got to work with.

STUDENTS: Please do not make medical or dental appointments during these days. School attendance is essential to academic success.

PARENTS: Lamar students and teachers are continuing to work hard to prepare for STAAR. I know many parents are working with their children in conjunction with the classroom teacher. Your contribution of time and patience are appreciated. 

If your child needs help in my class please encourage them to set up a time for tutoring. I offer free after-school tutoring.

I’ll start by telling you something you don’t have to know in middle school:

What do you want to do with your life?

Recently, I was watching the following statistics from Australia:

In a typical group of 100 teenagers, at normal retirement age (65 years):

Pastel   1 will be rich

   8 will be independent

   9 will be still working

  28 will be dead

  54 will be broke, dependent on government or charity


I don’t know what is the statistics in USA, but from my own experience I think is very similar.

The first of all the  success factors is education.








The only way to get started is to stop talking and begin doing.

“I hated every minute of training, but I said, ‘Don’t quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion.'” – Muhammad Ali

dont quit





 You can use the following tests to practice the different concepts of mathematics that will include the next exam.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

STAAR Released Test Questions

8th grade mathematics:    2018 | 2017  2016 | 2014 | 2013

7th grade mathematics: 2018  2017 |  2016 | 2014 | 2013

6th grade mathematics: 2018 | 2017  2016 | 2014 | 2013

You are capable of more than you know.

(First Published on March 2018)

One of the biggest problems of our modern schools is the fact that many of our students believe they are doomed to failure. Our students face great pressures daily. Again and again, they receive negative messages from family, teachers, and classmates. They see that other children have everything, and they feel that they have practically nothing.

The main challenge teachers face now is convincing their students that if they want it, they can succeed, not only in school but also in life. Teachers usually have little control over the message that students will receive from others, but we have control of the message they receive from us, and the message must be very clear, a message of high expectations. The message is simple:You can succeed if you persevere.” We have to capture their minds and hearts and show them with facts that they can succeed. This is not simple. It requires a lot of work; it takes a lot of effort; it requires putting the heart into learning and teaching. But the reward is huge for them, and it is evident.

I am a teacher with more than 25 years of teaching experience, and I have trained hundreds of winners. I was a teacher at the college level in Mexico for more than 15 years with excellent results. I often meet alumni who are directors of companies, owners of companies, employees in high positions who thank me mainly for having imbued them with confidence, that if they persevere and never consider themselves defeated, they will succeed.

I also have two master’s degrees here in the United States, and some time ago I received an invitation to incorporate me as a university-level teacher because they know the excellent results I had in higher education in Mexico. On that occasion, I did not accept that offer, but I chose to be a teacher at middle school (with less salary and more hours of work) because I think we have to influence the students from a young age. I have several academic blogs that are visited by hundreds of thousands of people a year from dozens of countries, and I have the great satisfaction of collaborating, even if only a little, in the education of all of them.

Year after year, my students occupy the highest places in the school, in the school district, and frequently in the state.  Please see the following chart that corresponds to last year. It was the result of an experiment in which several teachers who work with Mr. Quesada and Mr. Alonzo, who worked together with me, had the common goal of raising the educational level of our students. We teach our students first in the sixth grade and then the seventh grade so that they know our rhythm and way of working. The results are extraordinary, as the graph shows:

We had three students with a perfect grade in math, and it would have been more than a dozen if not for the fact that some of them do not have a good command of English since they are ESL students (English as a Second Language), and they did not understand the meaning of some words that came in the exam.  Many ESL students no only passed but obtained outstanding grades.

We can summarize this in a sentence:

Yes, you can!


In this school year, I am looking to support ESL teachers precisely so that together we better prepare all students who really want to succeed.

Having excelled so much has caused envy, criticism, and low blows from other schoolmates. For all of them, my message is very simple and direct: You can do it too, but it takes time, effort, and dedication.” You need to convince students to work overtime to fill in the gaps they have in their academic preparation and dare to succeed. And you also need to work overtime!

For all the students the formula is very simple: “If you want to succeed, work hard and persevere until you succeed.”  ” And you also need to work overtime!”

For all the students the formula is very simple: “If you want to succeed, work hard and persevere until you succeed”.

“Life rewards efforts, not pretexts” Anonymous

“A little more persistence, a little more effort, and what seemed an irremediable failure would turn into glorious success.” – Elbert Hubbard

If you want to change your future, you must build it with the daily effort, always striving to be better, and not let yourself be defeated by the setbacks that will surely arise along the way.

The students this school year supposedly are the best I have had during my entire stay at this school. And it is curious that being the best, more than 30% of them did not even know the timestables or how to perform basic arithmetic operations, so these first weeks have been fully dedicated to filling gaps in their education until their knowledge of the basis in math is solid and definitive. With great satisfaction, I can tell you that you are making outstanding progress and that you are very different in knowledge and behavior compared with the students that I had at the beginning of the school year.

Students from previous years have also excelled in their final grade, always among the best places in the school and the district. Although in the previous years the school administration repeatedly sent me many of the students with great academic and behavioral deficiencies. So almost year after year I have protested to the administration that the distribution is unfair, and mainly asking the administration to send me students who really want to put their effort to succeed. Here is an example:




Let’s work together to make our students overcome all their limitations and succeed in their lives!


Dear teachers, allow me to recommend a book that tells many success stories and that we can easily incorporate into our teaching practice.


I am my mother’s daughter

Many years ago when I was a girl, I clearly remember that municipal employees were going to knock down the few trees in a green area near my house to install a fenced area for the garbage trucks. My mother opposed it and organized a picnic with the neighbors and their children in exactly that area before the demolition machinery arrived. For the long hours, the municipal officials tried to convince her to leave; her response was always the same: “We must take care of the few green areas we have so that our children have a place of relaxation in contact with nature.”  When the press and the media came, the facts were disseminated, and the deforestation project ended and we conserved that green area.

Even after so many years passed, I am thrilled that so many memories come to my mind in which she led and participated in social causes to avoid injustices, promote respect for women, the elderly, and the sick and particularly to promote the improvement of our schools. Frequently she was part of the directives of the school societies of parents and had a reputation that she was not intimidated by any problem or by any authority.

On one occasion, I asked her if she was not afraid when she organized these protests. She told me: “of course, I was afraid, but I also was afraid that if I did nothing, those scoundrels would get away with it”. Few people dare to protest against injustice, but if we do nothing to avoid them, we become accomplices of them.

Several years ago, being a teacher in another school in this same School District, I was very concerned about the growing presence of drug sales and consumption in the school, and I dared in a meeting with the directors to mention the severity of the problem and the feeling that our inaction as adults made us accomplices of the increasing drug problem, and that we should face it because the parents entrust us to their children and think that a school is a safe place.

Other teacher friends told me: “do not mention any of this because you’re going to face the authorities. As long as the problem of drugs is not mentioned, it is not a problem. They want less to come to light.”

Coincidentally, a week later, a special education girl filed a complaint against me, because I dared to tell her to stop playing and to start working (on the solution of the mathematics exercises that had been assigned to her). Oh what a great offense, I was immediately suspended for several days for an investigation, because I was pushing a girl to do the academic work she had to do and to call her attention and ask her to go to work, which was my obligation to do.

When the official investigation was made, of course, everything was clarified, and I was totally and completely exonerated from the unjustified charges against me. Even the investigator told me, “What a pity that teachers who really care about their students are unfairly pressured in this way.” On that occasion, he told me that we should never openly criticize the authorities because there are usually reprisals and he recommended that I always carry a recorder with me because it was the most direct way to deny a slander. He told me you have no idea how many injustices we see here.

When I returned to school, the authorities only mentioned that they had investigated me because of complaints from the students, without clarifying that it had been totally unjustified (by only one lazy student who doesn’t want to work) and that I had been total and completely exempted of any charges.

The next year I requested a school change, despite how much I loved my students, but hurt by the hypocritical attitude of school authorities. Even today, more than 10 years later I have heard comments from the authorities that I have a history of being in conflict with students. They do not mention that in the time I worked there, my students were always the ones who obtained the highest grades, nor that the real problem was to try to defend the students from a very serious danger that the school authorities did not want to face. I still have the great satisfaction of hundreds of alumni, who continued studying and who frequently come to me after so many years, remembering those years of achievement and academic growth pleasantly.

I clearly remember the words of my mother: Never act for personal convenience; Always do what your conscience tells you, which is the moral guide that God has given us to know what is right to do.

It is the same moral advice that I give to my students:

Always do the right thing, and do not worry. Doing your best is better than doing nothing.

And remember: “Education is the foundation upon which you build your future”  Christine Gregoire

Let’s work hard together in the classroom to build a better future for all of you!

And never ever do drugs!