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Guadalupe Trevino is a math teacher, holds a Bachelor´s Degree in Electric Engineering, and a Master Degree in Business Administration (TAMIU). She is a book author and an accomplished motivational speaker. Having worked as a college professor teaching engineering for over 20 years, she has an expertise in technology which has allowed her to develop customized interactive programs for her students.

Selfish parents

In past times we have talked about mothers who sacrifice everything so that their children can study.

Now I want to tell you that in my experience as a teacher, I have also had the opposite case that is dealing with parents who are in a way selfish, because they do not care so much about their children’s education, but that at this moment they will help you solve immediate problems.

Many times as a teacher I have found that parents of problem children do not care much about the academic performance of their children. Possibly thinking that they already have enough problems in their life and their work, so that they have to alter their daily routine because of the school problems of their children.

Generally all the students that I receive, arrive with shortages and deficiencies of previous years and for many years I have offered extra tutorials to them, free of charge and with no other purpose than to help them to prepare better in the subjects that I teach.

There are parents who thanks us and appreciate the fact that teachers are better preparing their children so they can take advantage of the future opportunities that life will give them. On the other hand, there are parents who see this as negative because their older children often take care of the younger siblings while the parents spend that time on other activities.

I’ll tell you about a problem I had years ago with a mother. Her daughter really came very ill prepared, although she was very capable. Very often I asked her to spend additional time in her studies, and she would tell me again and again that she could not do it. I called home and asked her mother to allow her to stay in extra class sessions. She was upset with me and told me that I had no right to occupy that time of her daughter, who already took away much time by forcing her to go to class. I insisted, “If your daughter does not prepare, she will not be able to finish her studies well, and she will soon drop out of school.” The mother’s response baffled me: “Do not focus on what you do not care about. It would be very good for my daughter not to go to school to take care of her brothers, and I could rest a little longer.

All parents are human beings, and as such we are not perfect. We all have defects and virtues; we have a mixture of selfishness, ignorance, improvisation, indifference and prejudices that affect our judgment and actions. Some children have to bear the memory of some erroneous paternal actions for the rest of their lives, which left them with resentments, traumas, grudges, fears, anguish and sadness.

There is a well-known psychological technique called “forgiveness therapy,” which psychologists use to erase the resentments their patients have toward other people. Sadly sometimes it is to their own parents, even deceased, to whom people have resentments. Let’s take care as parents not to make that mistake.

When you are parents always think about the welfare of your children. Everything you say and do, positive or negative, will really be your legacy to them.

“Anyone can have a child and call themselves a parent. A real parent is someone who puts that child above their own selfish needs and wants.”       Anonymous

If you continue like this, how do you see yourself in 10 years?

This is a question that I often ask my students, especially those who have ongoing school problems, poor grades, violent attitudes, antisocial behavior, and frequent conflicts with their teachers, peers, and even parents.

The sad reality is that childhood ends very quickly; Before we think about it, we stop being children, we become teenagers and soon adults; with a family to maintain and the responsibility to guide and educate our own children.

Statistics show that when a student has academic and behavioral problems he hardly ever finishes his studies. On the contrary, he is rejected from the educational system even before completing High School.

Many problem students start being punished in “in-school suspension”, then sent to a problem student’s school like Lara Academy, and finally a juvenile detention center. This is the most direct route to jail. The vast majority of young people who are incarcerated are of black or Latino origin, and in their background, they have been conflicted students. Many parents and teachers forget that when a child behaves badly, it is because they feel bad. If we had this in mind, perhaps we could be more empathetic and understanding when a child with serious and recurring behavioral problems is in our family or in our classroom.

Many studies confirm that giving a student a suspension does more harm than good, accentuates behavioral problems, and leads to academic failure. Apparently, our government does not have the money to guide and rescue children who have problems, but to keep them in prison institutions. They even speak of a national trend and call it: School-to-prison pipeline,” in which at the national level, students who are expelled from public schools fall directly into the criminal justice system.

How many of our students seek to bypass classes and their academic responsibilities, starting by skipping classes, thinking that punishing with “in-school suspension” is like having a vacation, a reward for their indiscipline and misbehavior. They do not realize the serious problem that their rebel, violent and antisocial behavior in school, in a few years will no longer be considered a prank, if not a crime. The first steps of a direct path to a correctional facility and then jail.
You can change, your future depends on what you do today. You have to make a conscious decision to change for the wellbeing of you and your family.  If in the past, you have made these mistakes, leave them behind, don’t let them recur. Only you can change your life, no one else can do it for you. If you really want to achieve what you dreamed, start today.

“Any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error”        

Marcus Tullius Cicero

The story of Aldo

In days gone by, sadly I learned that a child at our school was caught up in drugs. This is one of the great concerns that we have as parents and teachers because we know the huge risk involved in drug addiction and its dire consequences to those who consume them.
Regrettably, modern society regards to drug use as normal and instead of combating it with awareness campaigns at all levels, we see with sadness, that in some states it is being legalized. However, I believe that schools should be a place where drugs are completely banned. Under no circumstances should they be tolerated.

Today I want to share with you the story of Aldo. I met him when I finished my studies; he was a Catholic priest who was very different from everyone I had met before. When we were going to confess to the priest, it was common to hear him say “who am I to judge you? I too have been a sinner, and my sins have been greater than yours. Yet God rescued me and so also wants to rescue you, so that you may bear fruits of His love and give them abundantly.” In Aldo we always had a friend and a counselor, at any time we could go to him, and we felt the peace and tranquility that is emanated.
Aldo said that the confession was not with the priest but with God and with those whom we had offended. When we wanted to do this, we could confess in small groups in the sacristy, in some very emotional sessions that we could now call group therapy. Everyone recognized their sins and asked for forgiveness publicly, offering sincerely, to remedy their sins and not to sin again.

Aldo was born in Nevada and at a very young age lost his parents, so he was a problem child during his adolescence and when he came of age, given that he had artistic inclinations, became a renowned dancer in Las Vegas. He told us that he had lived a life of excesses, women, drinks, drugs; And yet when he was alone and thinking he realized that his life was empty; that others cared only for what he could provide them and that personally he wanted luxury and personal pleasures and did not care what happens to the rest of the world.
One day he had a dental problem, and he went without an appointment to the dental office. While waiting he began to read the magazines in the waiting room; he found an article, a rare thing, of the life of St. Francis of Assisi. He commented that he can not stop reading it, and resulted in him going to buy a book to know more about his life. And at that moment he felt that like St Francis, he must totally renounce that life of hedonism and pleasures, and really be interested in others. He entered the seminary, and when he finished, he sought to officiate in a poor parish where his help was most needed.
Aldo told us “Get away from drugs, if you consume them they are surely sorrowful to God, who wants all that is good for you and the evil one rejoices. If you have already consumed them and want to leave them, seek the support of God who will always be at your side to return you to the right path. For him there is no impossible, for him, there is no sin that can not be forgiven, we are his children, and he does not want to lose us .

This same message I give to my students. Get away from drugs, avoid the company of other boys who consume them, seek the support of your parents and teachers, do not look for false shortcuts, really strive to be better in every way, seek to be better children, better brothers, better students, and I have the confidence that when they are adults they will have a full life, the recognition of the community and the affection of their loved ones.

Say no to drugs, say yes to life

Last week I was very sad to hear that a sixth-year child was caught smoking drugs in the school bathrooms. The next day I learned of an eighth-grader who offered drugs to his classmates. This news worried me a lot, and I had no sleep. Over and over again I wondered to myself, what can I do? What should I do?

Many times, I have seen that some students destroy their lives, their studies, their personal and family relations, as well as any possibility of future success because they fall into the trap of drugs.

Ten years ago, I retired as a teacher of higher education and started teaching math at the middle school level. In the first year, I learned of a similar drug case, and I went to the school authorities to ask what we would do. The answer surprised me: “That’s society, there’s nothing we can do”: I totally disagreed with it. When authority is defeated and does not want to intervene, minimizing and in some cases hiding incidents of this type, it will only aggravate the problem.

Society has placed in the teachers and school authorities the great responsibility of cultivating and caring for the most valuable treasure of all the families and of the nation, this is its young people. We can not turn a blind eye to these problems and ignore them. On the contrary, we should alert parents and raise awareness among young people of the serious dangers of drug addiction. To deny the existence of a problem or to pretend that it does not exist does not solve it; but on the contrary, aggravates it. It is a task for all adults to protect with all our strength, with all our heart, with a clear and determined strategy that protects our students from this serious problem.

If a friend offers you drugs he is not a friend, a good friend does not endanger your life and your future.

Take advantage of this great educational opportunity you have today; your future and that of your family depend on what you do today. Do not make a mistake that you’ll regret all your life

Do you think having a drug addicted child is what your parents want when they send you to school?

And if you have already fallen into this problem, seek help. Lean on someone you can trust, a close relative, your teachers, school or spiritual counselors. I want to tell you that with will, determination, and perseverance, other people have come out of drugs. There is a thought that I want to share:

“God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds by using time and pressure. He is working on you too” Rick Warren.

Student Survey

Dear students

Please respond to the following survey, to have all the data required for the correct operation of our learning management system.

This system will allow your parents and myself  to track your progress, monitor your participation and assess your performance in math. We will have real time results about all your math activities.

Thank you for participating.

Mrs. Garcia

Student of the Month JANUARY

Natalie Tristan 

Natalie is a very hard worker and is able to grasp math concepts very quickly.  She does an excellent job coming to class prepared and is always willing to share her ideas with the rest of the class. She is encouraged to keep up the good work!”

She is a pleasure to have in class!”-Mrs. Garcia

An exemplary teacher

My students usually ask what my profession is. The usual answer, which is what I identify with the most, is “engineer as profession and teacher by vocation.” If there is something that I really enjoy in life it is in helping children discover the enormous potential that they have, and become successful students and in the long run outstanding professionals.

Many times I have felt tenderly when some of my students, whom other people and even themselves told them that they were going to fail in school, tell me how they have changed and when they grow up they also want to be teachers to transform lives.

When the children ask me who my favorite teacher was, I usually talk about some of the unforgettable teachers that really marked my existence when I was a child. This is understandable since childhood is the stage at which teachers can more easily influence the training of their students

Today I want to tell you about another exemplary teacher who has impacted my life as an adult, who has been given a well-deserved recognition for her dedication to training teachers with a deep awareness of Social Justice. I am referring to Dr. Maria D. Viloria, my teacher in postgraduate courses at TAMIU.

I remember when I was going to take her course, I quickly read the syllabus and did not see it as particularly interesting. But when she started the class and began to talk about it being precisely us, the teachers, who can and should help combat inequality and social exclusion; that we must promote equal opportunities for the most disadvantaged social sectors, seek equity through education, promote respect for human rights and non-discrimination.

Dr. Viloria stressed to us that the main role of the teacher is to be a transforming element of society and recommended some readings from other really exemplary teachers, such as Sonia Nieto. Her class really became my favorite subject, and I began to eagerly buy books on that subject, which I really love.

From the trenches of the classroom, I share with my students this pleasant academic experience and I want to send a warm congratulation to my dear teacher, Dr. Maria D. Viloria, for this just recognition she has received.

Dr. Maria D. Viloria, assistant professor, TAMIU College of Education, received the Instructional Technology Excellence Award from the TAMIU Office of Institutional Technology.

Teacher of the Year Nominee – Professional Programs – 2017