Generate and Apply Formula of Circumference

                           Circumference. It is the distance around a circle.  Keywords: fencing, framing, edge, border.


                                              C = π d                        C = 2 π r

π (Pi) Could be 3.1416,   or 3.14,  or  22/7,   or 3 if it is an approximation.
Approximately 3 diameters equal to the circumference of the circle.

r          Radius is half of the diameter

d          Diameter equals to two radius (radii)             

                              Area of Circles
Area.  It is the surface space inside a figure.
Keywords:   Painting, putting grass, putting tiles.

Circumference and area of a Circle (basic)  [π ↗]


⃝ Find diameter given circumference (Integers)

⃝  Area of a circle (Integers)

⃝  Find radius given area 

⃝ Find the circumference and area

⃝ Circumference

⃝ Circle problems

⃝ Circle sectors

 Review: Area, Perimeter, & Circumference.

BookMs. Garcia Book, Practice Exercises:



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