Cube.  A prism with six congruent faces.

Opposite faces are parallel.


6 Faces (each face is a square)

12 Edges

8 Vertices (corner points)

The surface area of a cube is the area of the six squares that cover it.  (Surface Area = 6 a²)

Volume of a cube = a³     (Volume=side times side times side).

Cube Net












Rectangular Prism.  A prism with rectangular bases.





Opposite faces are parallel.

6 Faces (each face is a rectangle)

12 Edges

8 Vertices 

The surface area of a rectangular prism is the area of the six rectangles that cover it.

Surface Area = 2wl + 2 hl + 2hw

Volume = l w h    (volume=length*width*height)

Rectangular Prism Net












MKY3Surface Area Cube

Surface Area Cuboid

Volume of a Cube 1

Volume of a Cube 2

Volume of a Rectangular Prism

Find the length of a side of a cube

Find the Surface Area of a cube

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Triangular Prism.  A prism with triangular bases.

Only the bases are parallel.






5  Faces

9  Edges

6  vertices

Surface area of a triangular prism = area of the three rectangles + area of two triangles

A formula that works for all prisms is:







Lateral area = perimeter of the base times the height of the prism

Triangular Prism Net

Triang prism












MKY3 Surface Area of a Triangular Prism 1


Surface Area of a  Triangular Prism 2


Surface Area of a  Triangular Prism 3


 Volume of a Triangular Prism1

Volume of a Triangular Prism2

Volume of a Triangular Prism3


Base area of a triangular prism

Height of a triangular prism

Square Pyramid. A pyramid with a square base.

Sq Pyramid











5 Faces (4 Side Faces are Triangles, the Base is a Square)

8 Edges

5 Vertices


Triangular Pyramid. A pyramid with a triangular base.











Triangular Pyramid
















4 Faces  (3 Side Faces are Triangles, the Base is a Triangle)

6 Edges

4 Vertices



Surface Area of Square Pyramid 

Surface Area of Tetrahedron 

Volume of Square Pyramid 

Volume of Triangular Pyramid


BookSurface Area 38

Surface Area 39

Surface Area 40

Surface Area 41

Surface Area 42

Surface Area 43

Surface Area 44

Surface Area 45

Surface Area 46

Surface Area 47

Surface Area 48

Surface Area 49

Surface Area 50

Surface Area 51

Volume:  measure of the amount of space inside of a solid figure




Volume of a Cube


Rectangular Prism

Triangular Prism

Trapezoidal Prism






Surface Area: The total area of the outside surfaces of an object. (The surface area is the sum of each of the sides)




Rectangular Prims.htm


Square Pyramids

Triangular Pyramids

Triangular Prisms

Surface Area Cylinder







Surface Area Cylinder1

Surface Area Cylinder2

Surface Area Cylinder3





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Volume and Surface Area of Rectangular Prisms  (with decimal values)

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