Mini Drills

Ms. Garcia Math Skills Mini Drills (1st six weeks)

 When you don’t know your times tables, it slows down your progress in math.

Practice multiplication tables until you master them

 >>  N Times Table    <<

This mini drill provides students with reinforced practice so that ALL students can learn and practice until the answers are automatic.  


         Times Tables                               7.2 B /R

         Comparing and Ordering             7.1 A /S

         Powers of Ten                             7.2 E /S

          Addition and Subtraction of Signed Numbers          7.2 B /R

          Distributive Property                                                 7.2 B /R

         Multiplication and Division of Signed Numbers        7.2 B /R

         Multiply and Divide by Negative Powers of Ten       7.2 B /R

         Place Value                                                              7.2 B /R

         Round Numbers                                                       7.2 B /R


           Comparing Decimals     7.1 A /S

            Rounding Decimals       7.2 G /S

            Addition and Subtraction of Decimals                          7.2 B /R

            Division by Factors of Ten                                            7.2 B /R

            Divide Decimals                                                            7.2 B /R

            Dividing a Decimal Number by a Whole Number          7.2 B /R

            Multiply a Decimal by a Power of Ten                           7.2 B /R

            Multiply a Whole Number and a Decimal                 7.2 B /R

            Multiply Decimals by Decimals                                 7.2 B /R

            Multiply and Divide by Positive Powers of Ten         7.2 B /R

            Scientific Notation                                                     7.2 B /R

            Numbers to Standard Form                                      7.2 B /R


            Comparing Fractions            7.1 A /S

            Ordering Fractions               7.1 A /S

            Equivalent Fractions                       7.1 B /R

            Improper Fractions                         7.1 B /R

            Converting Decimals to Fractions        7.1 B /R

            Converting Fractions to Decimals         7.1 B /R

            Adding and Subtracting Fractions          7.2 B /R

            Adding and Subtracting Fractions with like denominators        7.2 B /R

            Dividing Fractions by Whole Numbers                7.2 B /R

            Dividing Whole Numbers by Fractions                7.2 B /R

            Multiplying Fractions and Whole Numbers          7.2 B /R

            Multiplying and Dividing Fractions                       7.2 B /R


            Commission                               7.3 A /R

            Consumer Math                         7.3 A /R

            Decimals to Percent                  7.3 A /R

            Discount                                    7.3 A /R

            Fraction to Percent                    7.3 A /R

            Markup                                      7.3 A /R

            Percent to Decimal                    7.3 A /R

            Percent to Fraction                    7.3 A /R

            Price with Tax                            7.3 A /R

            Retail Math                                7.3 A /R

            Simple Interest                           7.3 A /R

            Tax                                            7.3 A /R

            Tips                                           7.3 A /R

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