Learning to read Bar Graphs: 





Dot Plot A simple graph that represents a set of data by using dots over a number line. Each X (or dot) is one result.Hours

Summarizing data using dot plots: 


Line Graph  A graph used to show change and direction of change over a period of time.LG

Summarizing Quantitative Data (Scatter Plots) 


Measure and Representation of Data – Histogram

A special kind of bar graph that displays the frequency of data that has been organized into equal number groupings.  The number groupings cover all possible values of data, therefore there are no spaces between the bars.h1

Histograms GR19GR20

Measure and Representation of Data – Circle Graph

A graph used to compare parts of a whole. The circle represents the whole and is separated into parts of the whole.CG

Reading and Interpreting Pie or Circle Graphs:  GR21 GR23 GR24 Select a Graph GR25

Measure and Representation of Data  – Venn Diagram

Venn diagrams  are diagrams that show all hypothetically possible logical relations between a finite collection of sets. Draw a Venn diagram that shows the following sample space and events:

  • All the integers from 1 to 12
  • Even numbers
  • Multiples of 3

The Venn diagram is as follows:Venn0

Creating, Reading and Interpreting Venn Diagrams:  GR29,  GR30,  GR31,  GR32,  GR33

Stem-Leaf Plot

A Stem and Leaf Plot is a type of graph that is similar to a histogram but shows individual values.TestScores

Reading Stem-and- Leaf Plots  GR34GR35,GR36GR37

Measure and Representation of Data

To get a sense of the data’s distribution we use the five statistical summaries:

the (1) minimum, (2) maximum, (3) median (or second quartile), (4) the first quartile, and (5) the third quartile.

Example, Test scores:      60,70,70,70,85,85,85,90,100








Population size: 9

Median: 85

Minimum: 60

Maximum: 100

First quartile: 70

Third quartile: 87.5

Interquartile Range: 17.5

We can use a steam-and-leaf plot to find and display the median, the Q1 and the Q3








The median is at 85 and is marked by a circle. The Q1 is (70+70)/2=70  while the Q3 is (85+90)/2=87.5

PR01      Mean_Median_Mode 1

PR06      Mean_Median_Mode 2

PR02      Mean 1

PR03      Mean 2

PR04      Median 1

PR05      Median 2

PR07      Mode

PR08      Range

Box and Whisker Plot



Reading Box and Whisker Plots,   GR38,  GR39GR40GR41

Predict & Display Data Probability – Sample Space

Probability Help,   

Probability 2 Help

Dependent Events Help,  

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Probability – Counting Principle Probability – Independent Event Probability Application