Proportional Relationships

Scaling & Similarity   

 Indirect Measurement

Directly Proportional Word Problems

Solving a Proportion Equation


Constant of Proportionality is ratio between two quantities  Y and X  (k=y/x)

MKY3Similar Figures – Find the Missing side 

Scale Factor

 Scale Drawing Problems

Perimeter of Similar Polygon

Area of Similar Polygon

The constant of proportionality and unit rate are the same thing.


If y is directly proportional to x, then the graph of y as a function of x will be a straight line.  The constant of proportionality is the slope.



⃝ Find the constant of proportionality from the table 

⃝ Find the constant of proportionality for each graph  

⃝ Find the constant of proportionality from the equation 

Proportional relationships (Review)

Two variables are proportional if a change in one is always accompanied by a change in the other.