Lesson Plans

Week 1:

The first day I introduce myself, go over my rules, expectations, class set-up, show them my website, go over the syllabus, etc.

Also, I start to build a classroom culture, (a positive learning environment, of high expectations for all students).

Finally, I emphasize the importance of cooperating and the advantages of learning together (collaborative learning).

Welcome message

Some questions on the first day of school

Who is my teacher?

What are the rules in the classroom?

Why is this class important to me?

What are we learning in this class?

The next day, I will ask all my students to do the following  Mathematics Diagnostic Test to know their strengths and weaknesses.

The diagnostic test allows me to identify the current math knowledge of my students, and gauge the general mathematical profile of the group.

There are many weaknesses in math, sometimes the students even forgot the multiplication tables that are taught in the third and fourth years of the elementary school.

If there are basic topics that some students forgot, it is important to reinforce them before covering the topics corresponding to this school year.

The next topic we will discuss in class is Whole Number Operations (review)

In the last days of the first week,  we will review the four basic operations with whole numbers: additionsubtraction, multiplication, and division.


Sample Lesson Plans

Equivalent Ratios




Ratio Tables