Subtracting Whole Numbers.

Subtraction means take away (it is opposite of addition). The answer in a subtraction problem is called the difference. Subtrahend is the number to be subtracted from another number (the minuend)            minuend – subtrahend = difference





To find the difference between two numbers, sometimes you need to regroup, or borrow, from another number. Example:






When the digit in the subtrahend is larger, decompose 1 unit of higher value into 10 units of the next lower value, and regroup.


Subtract Whole Numbers


Add and Subtract Whole Numbers

Solving Equations with Whole Numbers

Solving Equations by Addition or Subtraction


Addition and subtraction are opposite operations, so you can use one to check the other.  If A + B = C, then C – B = A




Word Problems – Using Whole Numbers 

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Whole Numbers Subtraction

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