Comparing and Ordering decimals.

Comparing decimals is similar to comparing whole numbers. When we compare decimals we use place value.

1)    Line Up Decimal Points

2)    Start at the left and find the first place where the digits differ.

3)    Compare the digits

Hint. Add zero’s to make all the decimals have the same place value name.

Example:  Arrange the following numbers from least to greatest (in Ascending Order)     0.17, 0.085, 0.2

Compare decimals




Align decimal points and place values, write a place keeper if needed.    (Pretend it’s money)

Remember: Writing zeroes to the right of the decimal does not change its value

To arrange first make all decimal places same and comparing two decimals at a time.


0.085< 0.17

0.085 < 0.2

0.17 < 0.2

0.085 < 0.17 < 0.2


Ordering these decimals from least to greatest we get: 0.085, 0.17, 0.2

When we compare decimals we can use a number line.

Numbers to the right are greater than numbers to the left.

Example:  Compare 3.6 and 3.25



3.25 < 3.6







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