Word problem:  What is the sum of 1 ½ + 2 ¾ dollars?

Adding Mixed Numbers

Add the Fractions (convert any improper fractions into mixed numbers) and then add the whole numbers.
























Mixed Fractions

Add Mixed Numbers Using T-Charts

Mixed Number to a Decimal




MN03    Adding_Mixed Numbers

MN04    Adding_Mixed Numbers with Renaming

Adding Mixed Numbers With Renaming Help


Subtracting Mixed Numbers:

Word problem: Subtract  1   1/4 dollars from   2  ¾ dollars.








If you subtract the $1   1/4 from  $ 2  ¾   you get  $ 1  ½


MN05    Subtracting_Mixed

MN06 Subtracting_Mixed_Numbers with Renaming

Adding Mixed Numbers with renaming  Help

Subtracting Mixed Numbers Help

MN02      Converting Mixed Numbers To Decimals