Proportional Relationships

Scaling & Similarity   

SF03       Indirect_Measurement

PP06      Directly Proportional Word Problems

PP05      Solving a Proportion Equation



Constant of Proportionality is ratio between two quantities  Y and X  (k=y/x)


Constant of Proportionality 1

Constant of Proportionality 2



SF05       Similar Figures_Missing Side

SF06       Scale_Perimeter

SF10       Similar_Rectangles_1

SF11       Similar_Rectangles_2

SF12       Similar_Rectangles_3

SF13       Similar_Triangles 1

SF14       Similar Triangles 2

SF15       Similar_Cylinders


AR04      Scale_Area

SF01       Scale_Drawing

SF02       Scale_Factor

The constant of proportionality and unit rate are the same thing.


If y is directly proportional to x, then the graph of y as a function of x will be a straight line.  The constant of proportionality is the slope.




EQ12  Find the constant of proportionality from the table

EQ11 Find the constant of proportionality for each graph


Proportional relationships (Review)

Two variables are proportional if a change in one is always accompanied by a change in the other.



EQ10       Constant of proportionality from the equations

EQ11       Find the constant of proportionality for each graph

EQ12       Constant of proportionality for each table

EQ13       Fill in the tables based on their constant of proportionality


Ratio_Voc   Ratio and Proportion Vocabulary