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Mathematics Grade 7: 2017 |  2016 | 2014 | 2013

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If you want to improve your problemsolving skills, learn from your mistakes.

If you made some mistakes solving an exam, use them to learn and improve. Look at every mistake you made and take away new knowledge from it

It is important that we identify the cause of the error and learn from it. Many times, the cause of the error is laziness or not paying attention to what you are doing. By slowing down and paying attention to what you’re doing you will avoid most mistakes.

  • Silly mistakes reading/ understanding the question
  • Mechanical errors (mistakes solving/ calculating the answer, forgotten step, lack of review)
  • Special difficulties (maybe when doing written division)
  • Knowledge-based errors (lack of knowledge of the concept)
  • Order of Operations
  • Incomplete work

 If you are struggling with a specific concept, don’t wait to get assistance.

“The only real mistake is the one from which we learn nothing. ”  John Powell

Mistakes Grow Your Brain

question % correct question % correct question % correct question % correct
39 42% 25 60% 23 68% 15 77%
10 44% 28 60% 4 69% 6 78%
19 44% 1 62% 34 69% 2 79%
31 44% 5 62% 33 70% 16 79%
37 46% 18 62% 3 72% 38 79%
22 47% 9 64% 14 72% 20 80%
24 48% 36 64% 32 74% 21 80%
29 48% 8 65% 12 75% 27 86%
11 52% 30 67% 35 75% 40 86%
13 56% 17 68% 7 77% 26 88%


STAAR performance standards relate levels of test performance to the expectations defined in the state-mandated curriculum standards known as the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS).

STAAR Standards Snapshot – Grade 6 Math

STAAR Standards Snapshot – Grade 7 Math

STAAR Standards Snapshot – Grade 8 Math

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Dear Students,

Health and safety are major concerns for all of us right now because of COVID-19. 

Schools may be closed, but math learning can continue!  The virtual instruction plan provides the social distancing for students and teachers, and students will receive full instruction at home. 

With several educational blogs and e-books, I really have experience in distance education.  I have developed this website for math education over 10 years and it currently has over a million visitors yearly, with an average of over 6,000 different visitors each day. In my website I will post links to tutorials, videos, assignments, and other items related to our course.  From the experience gained over the years, I can assure you that it will be useful to all of you. Statistical data shows that year after year my students’ scores far exceed the average mathematics scores in our school district (more than 12 percentage points).

We will be together in class again. Stay with me and keep up with your learning. I hold my students to very high standards in both academics and behavior. Do your very best, and I promise I will do my very best. Together we can all grow and achieve greatness!

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