Classroom Rules and Consequences

Mrs. Garcia’s Class

Classroom Rules

Be Prompt
Be prompt and ready to learn in class.

Be Prepared
Be ready to hand in any work or other materials needed for the class.

Be on time every day

If you are absent you will have to make up ALL missed assignments.

 After 2 days, any assignments you turn in will be marked late.

Be on Task

Be attentive and participate. Try to do your best at all times!

The class is dismissed by me, not by the bell.

Be Courteous

Follow the Golden Rule; treat others as you wish to be treated

Turn off and put away your smartphone

And every other personal electronic device except when used
for educational purposes as instructed by the teacher


Student Conference

Break/After School Detention

Parent Conference

Office Visit


Other appropriate action

Example: If you put your head down, you must stand during class.


Handling Distracting & Annoying Behavior In & Out Of The Classroom




Attend to personal needs before coming to class. 

Be nice / respectful to all. When you arrive, please come in and sit down quietly

Good learning environments are quiet. Please close the door quietly behind you 

Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. 

Respect for the rights of others to quiet learning environment.

Keep your electronic devices at home or in a backpack 

If you disturbed the class because your phone rings in the classroom, your phone will be confiscated by the teacher for one week.

Standby/Lockdown: All doors will be locked quickly.  Remain calm and quiet.   Stay away from windows and doors. 

Fire Drill: Leave classroom in an orderly manner. Walk quickly, quietly, and with consideration for others, following the designated exit plan.  Move away from the building and stay together.


2 thoughts on “Classroom Rules and Consequences

  1. Hi , Ms.garcia how are you? . I miss you so much ! – it’s been a months since you left Christen Middle School . Thanks to you , I’ve learned a lot . Hope you remember me . I love you ! <3

    • Hello Ariz;
      Please forgive me I didn´t reply earlier (I haven´t read my messages). I am so glad; You made my day cause You still remember me.I will never forget you, I have been really missing all of you a lot!. Ariz, You were AWESOME in my class: always ready, VERY smart, and hardworking young woman.I would really like to see you again, or at least to hear from you. Please keep me posted about your accomplishments; You could send me a text or giving me a ring to 206 5107. I would be a pleasure to hear you again. Also, My Room at Lamar is H2 (seven grade Math).
      looking forward to hear from you soon.
      Best regards,
      Ms. Garcia