Composite Figures

Composite Figure.

Is a figure that consists of two or more geometric shapes.


Find the area of the following composite figure:

Hint: break down a composite figure into simpler figures



Composite Figures









Area of a Composite Figure 1

Area of a Composite Figure 2

Area of Composite Figure 3

Area of Composite Figure 4

Area of a Semicircle

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 Composite Writing


Frayer Model 


CF01      Composite_1

CF02      Composite_2

CF03      Composite_3

CF04      Composite_4

CF05      Composite_5  LIONS

CF06      Composite_6

CF07      Composite_7

CF08      Composite_8

CF09      Composite_9

CF10      Composite_10

CF11      Composite_11

CF12      Composite_12

CF13      Composite_13

CF14      Composite_14

CF15      Composite_15

CF16      Composite_16

CF17      Composite_17



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A composite figure is made of other two dimensional figures (quadrilaterals, triangles, semicircles,..)

Perimeter. It is the distance around a figure. Add all sides.   Keywords: fencing, framing, edge, border.

Area.  It is the surface space inside a figure. It uses a little two as the exponent.      Ex: 4 m²

Circumference. It is the distance around a circle. Use the chart. Keywords: fencing, framing, edge, border.

Radius is half of the diameter

Diameter equals to two radiuses (radii)

Semicircle part of a circle.