Online Classes

 Hello Guys, I would like to see you in our virtual classroom.
Please go to Google Classroom and input this class code:    4s6gcth
See you there!
Mrs. Garcia

Video conference instructions:

Meeting nickname: msgarciamath

To join the video meeting with your PC, laptop or tablet, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 916-750-1122 and enter this PIN:

809 868 748#


What you will be learning this year in Mathematics:

Standards Snapshot

Math 6th

Math 7th

Math 8th

Reference Sheet

Math 6th

Math 7th

Math 8th

Year at Glance

Math 6th

Math 7h

Math 8th

Classroom Video









1st Six Weeks links

Problem Solving Strategies

  1. Read the problem
  2. Imagine the situation
  3. Get the main idea of the problem
  4. Emphasize that keywords
  5. See what’s given and what’s needed
  6. Show your work; do all the steps use pictures or drawings to support your answer
  7. Check if your answer is reasonable, if it makes sense

K-W-L-H stands for What you KNOW, what you WANT to know, what you LEARNED, and HOW you can learn more.

Knowdlege Reflection Chart (Help)

KWLH Learning Progress Form  (Help)

Your Math Journal

6th Grade Math Vocabulary