Addition and Subtraction

Operations with Signed Numbers
  • If the signs of the numbers are the same, ADD. The answer has the same sign.
  • If the signs of numbers are different, SUBTRACT. The answer has the sign of the larger number.

Addition Concept

What is Addition?

Properties of Addition

The Associative Property of Addition

Adding Whole Numbers 1

Adding Whole Numbers 2

Adding Whole Numbers 3

Add it up with T-Charts

Add it up with T-Charts 2

Subtraction Concept

Properties of Subtraction

Estimating sums of Whole Numbers

Subtracting Whole Numbers 1

Subtracting Whole Numbers 2

Subtracting Whole Numbers 3

Subtracting Whole Numbers 4

Subtracting Whole Numbers 5

Subtraction. Change subtraction to addition of the opposite number.

WN04                                Add_Integers

WN05                                Whole Numbers Add

WN06                                Missing_Addends

WN07                                Subtract_Integers

WN08                                Whole Numbers Subtract

WN09                                Reverse_Subtraction

WN10                                AddSub Whole Numbers

WN11                                Missing AS Whole Numbers

WN12                                Missing Addends

ME11   __________  Temperature  Word Problems


IN03    Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers 1

IN12    Adding and Subtracting Positive and Negative Numbers 2

IN04    Addition and subtraction of integers (signed)   ◄ ◄ ◄


IN06  Addition and Subtraction of Integers w/digits

IN21  Add Snake

Adding, Subtracting Integers Help