Scale Drawing

Engineers and architects use proportions all the time in scale drawings. In scale drawings, they compare each length in the drawing to the actual length.

Scale Drawing

Example:  Suppose you want to make a scale drawing of a room with a scale of 1 cm = 50 cm, (1:50). What are the dimensions of a 4.5 m by 6.2 m room?



Width = 9 cm, length = 12 cm

SF01       Scale_Drawing

SF02       Scale_Factor

SF05       Similar Figures_Missing Side

SF06       Scale_Perimeter

AR04  Scale_Area


SF10       Similar_Rectangles_1

SF11       Similar_Rectangles_2

SF12       Similar_Rectangles_3

SF13       Similar_Triangles 1

SF14       Similar Triangles 2

SF15       Similar_Cylinders


A scale drawing that is smaller than the original is called a reduction.


A scale drawing that is larger than the original is called an enlargement.


Homework: Draw your bedroom on chart paper, showing basic details (door, windows, etc.). Use the scale one inch is equal to one foot.

Compute square footage, and calculate the costs of carpeting based on square footage.

If students write their own word problems they will learn how word problems are constructed, develop their reasoning skills, and make connections between math concepts and the real world.