Dividing whole numbers

Division evaluates how many times one number is present in another number.

A division is splitting into equal parts.

Example:  10 ÷ 2 = 5




Division is repeated subtraction.

(1)   10-2 = 8

(2)   8-2 = 6

(3)   6- 2 = 4

(4)   4-2 = 2

(5)   2-2 = 0

5 is the number of times you can subtract 2 from 10 before you get to 0.




The Concept of Division

Dividing Whole Numbers 1

Dividing Whole Numbers 2

Dividing Whole Numbers 3

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Dividing Whole Numbers by 10, 100, 1000

Dividing Whole Numbers by Estimating 1

Dividing Whole Numbers by Estimating 2




The number that gets divided is called the dividend.

The number that does the dividing is called the divisor.

The answer obtained after division is called the quotient.

Dividing two integers may result in a remainder. The remainder is the number left over when a number cannot be divided evenly by another number.

Long division algorithm:

1) Divide;

2) Multiply;

3) Subtract;

4) Bring down the next digit.









The ‘chunking’ method (or partial quotients method) uses repeated subtraction to find answers to division problems.

In this method, we  repeatedly take away “chunks” of the large number that are subtracted from the total.












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Word Problems – Using Whole Numbers 


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Multiplication and Division are opposite operations.

10÷2=5                      2✕5 = 10

Any division of whole numbers can be written as a fraction.







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