Measurement is the determination of quantitative attributes, such as Length, Volume, Weight, Time,  Mass, Temperature, …

Usually, the number obtained in a measure is in reference to some standard such as a meter or a yard.








ME05     Length 1 (Convert from inches, feet, yards, miles)

ME06     Length 2 (Convert from mm, cm, m, Km)

ME23     Length1 (Convert from inches, feet, yards using proportions)

ME24     Length2 (Convert Units of Measure Using Proportions)

ME25     Length3 (Convert Units of Measure Using Proportions)

ME03     Area 1 (Convert from acres, sq yards, sq feet, sq inches)

ME04     Area 2 (Convert from cm², m², Km²)

ME07     Volume 1 (Convert from ounces, cups, pints, quarts, gallons)

ME08     Volume 2 (Convert from milliliter, liter, cubic meter)

ME14     Volume, Density, and Mass

ME15     Volume_decimals

ME20     Liquid (converting units of measure)

ME09     Weight 1 (Convert from ounces, pounds, tons)

ME10     Weight 2 (Convert from milligram, gram, kilogram)

ME22     Weight 3 (Convert using proportions)

ME16     Density

ME17     Density_decimals

ME18     Mass

ME19     Mass_decimals

ME11     Temperature

ME26     Temperature_WP

ME12     Time

ME52     Time

ME13     Speed

ME51     Speed

ME50     Distance, Speed and Time

ME21 Time

The metric system is the system of measurement used in most countries. The metric system is simple and coherent. It uses a single basic unit for each quantity measured. The basic unit of length is the meter, the basic unit of mass is the gram, and the basic unit of volume is the liter.

The metric system is a base-ten system, it uses prefixes to scale a basic unit like  Deka, Hecto, and Kilo meaning, respectively, 10, 100, and 1000; and decicenti, and milli, meaning,  one-tenth, one-hundredth, and one-thousandth respectively.

ME01     Metric (converting units of measure)


The US customary systems of measurement can be traced back to the Roman Measurement system. It is a system of arbitrary measuring units.

ME02     Customary (converting units of measure)


Customary Units of measure_(Help)