Online Classes (Google Meet)







Meeting nickname:


Joining info:

Take Google to meet class, everyday, at … with me.

Please stay connected five minutes before class starts.

  1. To take Google Meet class:

  2. a)   Go to
  3. b)   When Google meet ask for the code or nickname, you will type this nickname: msgarciamath

That’s all, you are in. you MUST use your LISD account, if you don’t, it will not let you meet the class.

Group       Code           Nickname

   G1       2b76hsh    msgarciamath1

   G2       rwpkgbg    msgarciamath2

   G3       nfl4ae3      msgarciamath3

   G5       on6odpw   msgarciamath5

   G6       kr6xbdy     msgarciamath6

   G8       rrk44bx      msgarciamath8


Remote Learning Daily Schedule


  1. To view the videos:

On the Home page, just click on the link that is over the laptop that says, “Educational videos” and you can view all the Benchmark videos.

  1. To input your answers:

Click on the links below the videos; for example:

Benchmark Review 1 Questions

That’s all you need to do guys!

Thank you for working hard, and I’ll see you in our virtual classroom every Thursday at 1 PM.

Hasta la vista Guys!

I really miss you!    (video)

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) COVID-19

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