Congratulations to all my students on their outstanding accomplishment in the STAAR test 2017.  Awesome job students!

You shined like a star on the STAAR test!

92% of my students passed. The highest score on the math exam for sixth grade in the school and across our School District.

65%   Overall Improvement

152%   Commended Performance Improvement

The following students meet the academic standards imposed by the state:

Tovar, Ian E
Commended Performance
Tristan, Natalie N
Commended Performance
Perez, Brianna K
Commended Performance
Peralta, Alejandro J
Commended Performance
Sevilla, Adolfo G
Commended Performance
Trevino, Raul
Commended Performance
Landin, Natalie I
Commended Performance
Portillo, Edewin D
Commended Performance
Santillano, Arely R
Commended Performance
Contreras, Victorio
Commended Performance
Montoya, Miranda N
Commended Performance
Velazco, Sthefanie G
Commended Performance
Aguilar, Joanna F
Commended Performance
Cavazos, Fatima S
Commended Performance
Gutierrez, Gerezyn J
Commended Performance
Parra, Gilberto I
Commended Performance
Pena, Valeria
Commended Performance
Valles, Roel A
Commended Performance
Garza, Sergio
Guerrero, Gabrielle T
Leon, Uvaldo F
Mendez, Rehu A
Padilla, Jesse
Vera, Allie C
Cranston, Rogelio D
Gonzalez, Kirani C
Rosas, Blinzia Y
Aldaco, Xayna G
Carreon, Luis A
Cerda, Emilio G
Lopez, Leslie B
Valdez, Evelyn E
Cantu, Cody
De La O, Natalie
Vargas, Jorge L
Gonzalez Perez, Sidney
Lopez, Sanjuanita N
Munoz, Valeria
Olivares, Tamara
Ramirez, Patricia E
Rosales, Jennifer R
Sandoval, Alexa S
Serna, Santiago
Zapata, Gael
Caballero, Adam M
Espinoza, Ricardo
Gonzalez, Alexis N
Inclan, Ruby
Leal, Anna V
Martinez, Olga E
Rivera, Hector A
Rubio, Rayleen D
Estrada, Alessandra
Hernandez, Amanda M
Perez, Lourdes S
Rodriguez, Angelina N
Villegas, Johneric
Aguirre Pedraza, Carolina
Castillo, Alexa J
Garcia, Brandon A
Gonzalez, Korayma
Pena, Beatriz A
Ramirez, Triana S
Lopez, Branden T
Martinez, Brisa N
Allen, Matthew J
Cortinas, Carolina A
Guerra, Gabriel
Benavides Arguijo, Oscar A
Carreon, Evelyn
Orozco, Melanie H
Ruiz, Jorge I
Trujillo, Lexie M

I want you to know that you have made me very proud to be your teacher. I feel rather like a proud parent! I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you. I have watched all of you grow in attitude and in Math skills. I am very proud of you, as you have demonstrated huge commitment and tried your very best during this school year.

Classroom Rules and Consequences

Mrs. Garcia’s Class

Classroom Rules

Be Prompt
Be prompt and ready to learn in class.

Be Prepared
Be ready to hand in any work or other materials needed for the class.

Be on time every day

If you are absent you will have to make up ALL missed assignments.

 After 2 days, any assignments you turn in will be marked late.

Be on Task

Be attentive and participate. Try to do your best at all times!

Class is dismissed by me, not by the bell.

Be Courteous

Follow the Golden Rule; treat others as you wish to be treated


Student Conference

Break/After School Detention

Parent Conference

Office Visit


Other appropriate action

Example: If you put your head down, you must stand during class.


Handling Distracting & Annoying Behavior In & Out Of The Classroom




Attend to personal needs before coming to class. 

Be nice / respectful to all. When you arrive, please come in and sit down quietly

Good learning environments are quiet. Please close the door quietly behind you 

Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. 

Respect for the rights of others to quiet learning environment.

Keep your electronic devices at home or in a backpack 

Standby/Lockdown: All doors will be locked quickly.  Remain calm and quiet.   Stay away from windows and doors. 

Fire Drill: Leave classroom in an orderly manner. Walk quickly, quietly, and with consideration for others, following the designated exit plan.  Move away from the building and stay together.


Welcome To My Math Class


What you will be learning this year in Mathematics:

Math 7th
Year at Glance


Why should you be learning all of this material? :
1. This material is important because you will be applying it to real life.
2. We will be using examples of real things that you may or may not have already done in your life.
How will you be learning this material? :
1. Through fun lessons that keep you involved.
2. You will have notes to take, but you will also be doing projects, to help you and your fellow students.
3. Daily homework assignments will also be given in order for you to practice those days material and so that you may reflect on what you learned.
4. Some of the projects will be done in groups, as well as some of the in class activities. I want you to be able to figure some things out for yourselves using prior knowledge and knowledge that you have gained in this class.
Optional supplies that you will need for the year:
1.  Two pencils and one red ink pen.
2.  Two Grid Notebooks for notes and homework.
3.  Two  2 Pocket with Prongs Paper Portfolio for your homework, and other class papers.
4.  Your Mathematics books.
Grading policy
Grading policy is subject to requirements quoted in the LISD handbooks.
Tests will fall every Friday.
Quizzes may be administered at any time and may or may not be announced.
All tests and quizzes must be corrected and placed in your binder by the following Monday. Corrected Math binders will be checked at this time as well.
Homework assignments are posted on Ms. Garcia’s blog and will be turned in at the beginning of the next class.
The average of all daily work (Drills/DCR, homework and assignments) will be counted as 50% of your six- weeks grade.
The average of all test work (exams, labs, quizzes) will be counted as 50% of your six -weeks grade.
Your six – weeks Math binder has a weight of a test grade each time that it is checked. It will be checked at the end of every six weeks.
A maximum of 100 pts. may be gained on each daily assignment with regard to percent correct and complete.
A maximum of 100 pts. may be gained on each test assignment.
Any assignment not received at collection but still on that same day will be reduced by 10 points.
Any assignment received the following day will be reduced by 10 points.
All work will be completed satisfactorily at my discretion.
My grading policy is subject to change according to the policy of the School District.
Attendance Policy:
Regular school attendance is essential for the student to make the most of his/her education-to benefit from teacher-led activities, to build each day’s learning on the previous days, and to grow as an individual.
Attendance is important. You’re in class every day to learn, keep up with class assignments, pass your classes, and prepare for state mandate tests.
A student is required to attend all class meetings. If a class is missed the student is held responsible for the full requirements of the class.
Students lose credit automatically after the 8th absence (excused or unexcused. There is no distinction between an excused and an unexcused absence. Both will be counted equally.
 Please be aware of two very important rules:
* A student absent from school for any reason, upon returning school, must bring a note signed by the parent that describes the reason for the absence. An absence slip will be required to return to class.
* The student has to make up work missed due to any absence within two school days.


* The student should be prepared to turn-in the homework and other assignment(s) upon returning to school



good tings

Bathroom Policy:

If you have to go to the bathroom, you must raise your hand and ask to do so. You must sign the Sign In/Sign Out notebook and get a pass before you leave the room (one boy and one girl at a time). You will not be allowed to leave the room during the first 10 minutes or last 10 minutes of a period. You will not be allowed to leave during the 1st and 6th periods.

—————- Make your education a top priority.—————-


I firmly believe that most people can be successful in school and that the amount of hard work, dedication, and sacrifice is what separates those who are successful from those who are not.

      If you are absent, you want to get the assignments and notes as fast as you can. If you can, call your classmates and ask them for the assignments. If you can’t call anyone, you should ask your  classmates for the work in the morning on the day that you get back.
This site is NOT meant to be a replacement for lessons taught or activities done in class. 

“There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” – Colin Powell


Dear Parents and Students,
Welcome to my Math Blog where you will find some of the different activities we do in class daily.
This year many students of M. B. Lamar Middle School are taking their Math lessons with me. This is an exciting experience for all of us and we hope to learn and have fun at the same time.
It is my ultimate goal to help students understand and like the Math subject.
I hope this site helps you understand what we do in class every day. Please do not hesitate to ask me questions or to suggest changes to my blog.
See you around,
Ms. Garcia 
Do you need help with a topic that is not on this site?
Would you like this site to provide a link that has been helpful to you?
Is there a link that does not work properly?
Do you have other questions/concerns?
If so, please e-mail me at:


Student Survey

Dear students

Please respond to the following survey, to have all the data required for the correct operation of our learning management system.

This system will allow your parents and myself  to track your progress, monitor your participation and assess your performance in math. We will have real time results about all your math activities.

Thank you for participating.

Mrs. Garcia

Composite Figures

Learning Objectives 6.8.D/R ….

Problem of the Day
Q54            Q53

Lesson Videos
POD                          Composite Figures                     Area of rectangles and triangles

Suggested Practice
Basic Intermediate Advanced Master
Composite 5 Lions
Composite 9
Composite 13

Composite 6
Composite 10
Composite 14

Composite 7
Composite 11

Composite 8
Composite 12

Related Videos
Area of a Square
Area of Composite Figures

Area of a Rectangle
Area of Composite Figures 1

Suggested Reading
Area of a Parallelogram
Area of Composite Figures 2

Writing Assignment
Area of a Trapezoid
Area of Composite Shapes

Essential Questions
Area of a Triangle
Finding the Area of Triangles

Homework …

My dearest children

STAARSo, while you are preparing for and sitting the Math STAAR test, I want you to know that the scores you will get from this test will tell you something, but they will not tell you everything. Remember that there is no way to “test” all of the amazing and awesome things that make each of you special and unique. The people who create these tests and score them do not know each of you like I do. They do not know that despite dealing with hard circumstances, you still come to school with a smile. They do not know that you can be very trustworthy, kind, and thoughtful and that you try every day to be your very best. Show them what you are made of!  Show off!

I want you to know that you have my full confidence. All I ask is that you do your own personal best and do not give up, not only on this test but in any challenge you may face in your life. Focus on every question, use the strategies you have learned and believe in yourself. You will do your best because that is who you are!

I want you to take a moment to remember your first day in my class. Then, I said that my goal was not just to pass the STAAR, but for you to develop a successful attitude toward life and school. At the end of the year, what you will look back on and remember will not be these tests, but all of the learning and growing that you have done this year.

Now I want you to think of what you have accomplished throughout this year. I am so impressed with how much you have grown and how much more you respect yourself. I deeply admire your increased confidence, perseverance, and willingness and determination to try new things.

I want you to know that you have made me very proud to be your teacher. I feel rather like a proud parent! I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you. I have watched all of you grow in attitude and in Math skills. I am very proud of you, as you have demonstrated huge commitment and tried your very best during this school year.

Whatever the outcome, I want you to know that I am already proud of who you are, of what you have accomplished, and of the impact you have had on my life. In terms of academic ability, I would say that ALL of you have grown from having basic skills to having the highest level of sixth-grade skills in Math. All of you have gained staying power, and every time I have raised the bar, you have risen to the challenge. 

You are the light that brightens my day!

I will always love all of you.

Mrs. Garcia



Honor Roll 5th SIX WEEKS

I am very proud to recognize the outstanding student academic achievement in the last six weeks.

Congratulations to every hard-working student on these lists.


Parents, Please join us in celebrating our honor roll students for the 5th six weeks evaluation.


Good friends do not induce you to drugs

Ten years ago, I retired from college level teacher and started teaching math to middle school students. As a university teacher, I never knew of any of my students who had problems with drug addiction; However, in my first year of teaching math to seventh grade, with much younger students, I had the opportunity to meet a student, whom I love very much, who faced the drug problem in that school year and was able to overcome it. She told me that one of her friends insisted that she take some white pills that she distributed. He suggested that they would make her forget all her problems, that she would really enjoy life, that she would always feel good about herself, and that she could stop taking them whenever she wanted to.
After much insistence, she agreed. From being a regular student, she became a student who did not assimilate anything, who was missing a lot, she was always distracted and with behavior problems and finally failed all the subjects of her school year.
He told me that when he remembered that incident, he always thought of the biblical story of the serpent’s temptation. She said that who she thought was her friend, just wanted to drag her to a bottomless pit of drug addiction and hopelessness. Like the serpent of biblical history, her friend offered her many false things, to tempt her and over and over again, until she was able to vitiate her. I can hardly remember her face, she told me, but when I think of her, her face is transfigured into a snake.
She told me that she was able to overcome the problem of drug addiction when she realized that her life was in ruins, that everything had been a hoax. What he felt had fallen into a bottomless chasm. He told me that drugs had destroyed his life and made his loved ones unhappy. She told me that there was a time just thinking about suicide to leave everything behind. That before he had drugs he had problems, but his vice increased them to make them intolerable, That he had given everything he had to have returned to the time when he was a student who did not consume them. She confided her problem to her grandmother; she told me that they cried a lot together and that together they also asked God to ask her for the strength that would help to get ahead.
That is why I tell my students what drugs are the greatest enemy they have to succeed in life, destroy their future and hope to thrive. They are the easiest way to prison, to poverty, to loss of health, loss of family, marginalization and finally death.
One child asked me if she could die with one-time use of drugs. I answered what
I have read of cases of sudden death, but more frequent cases of people suffering irreversible brain damage with a single shot, in colloquial language go crazy. Suggest you check the internet statistics. More than 55,000 people die each year in the United States directly from drugs, there are more than a million people incarcerated for that cause, and countless families live with the martyrdom of having a family drug addict. Which really was not worth trying.
Drugs are bad for both those who consume them and those around them, they hurt them personally and hurt their families and friends. If someone wants to induce you to drugs, stay away from him, since he only wants your harm.
If you have fallen into this serious problem, seek the support of your close relatives, your spiritual guide, your teachers or counselors. Do not give up, always fight to get ahead.