Say no to drugs, say yes to life

Last week I was very sad to hear that a sixth-year child was caught smoking drugs in the school bathrooms. The next day I learned of an eighth-grader who offered drugs to his classmates. This news worried me a lot, and I had no sleep. Over and over again I wondered to myself, what can I do? What should I do?

Many times I have seen that some students destroy their lives, their studies, their personal and family relations, as well as any possibility of future success because they fall into the trap of drugs.

Ten years ago I retired as a teacher of higher education and started teaching math at the middle school level. In the first year, I learned of a similar drug case, and I went to the school authorities to ask what we would do. The answer surprised me: “That’s society, there’s nothing we can do”: I totally disagreed with it. When authority is defeated and does not want to intervene, minimizing and in some cases hiding incidents of this type, it will only aggravate the problem.

Society has placed in the teachers and school authorities the great responsibility of cultivating and caring for the most valuable treasure of all the families and of the nation, this is its young people. We can not turn a blind eye to these problems and ignore them. On the contrary, we should alert parents and raise awareness among young people of the serious dangers of drug addiction. To deny the existence of a problem or to pretend that it does not exist does not solve it; but on the contrary, aggravates it. It is a task for all adults to protect with all our strength, with all our heart, with a clear and determined strategy that protects our students from this serious problem.

If a friend offers you drugs he is not a friend, a good friend does not endanger your life and your future.

Take advantage of this great educational opportunity you have today, your future and that of your family depend on what you do today. Do not make a mistake that you’ll regret all your life

Do you think having a drug-addicted child is what your parents want when they send you to school?

And if you have already fallen into this problem, seek help. Lean on someone you can trust, a close relative, your teachers, school or spiritual counselors. I want to tell you that with will, determination, and perseverance, other people have come out of drugs. There is a thought that I want to share:

God changes caterpillars into butterflies, sand into pearls and coal into diamonds by using time and pressure. He is working on you too“- Rick Warren.

A glimpse of the future

What Do You See Yourself Doing 7 Years From Now?

What kind of career do you imagine for yourself? Doctor? Lawyer? Scientist? Engineer? Teacher? CEO? Manager? Salesperson?

You’re in middle school now. What you do over the next few years will have an impact on the rest of your life. Now is the time to start thinking about life beyond school.

Stop looking at what you could have done, should have done, or what might have been. Stop chastising yourselves for opportunities missed, time wasted, or words either spoken or unspoken. The past is over.

Your future starts now.






Congratulations to all my students on their outstanding accomplishment in the STAAR test 2017.  Awesome job students!

You shined like a star on the STAAR test!

92% of my students passed. The highest score on the math exam for sixth grade in the school and across our School District.

65%   Overall Improvement

152%   Commended Performance Improvement

The following students meet the academic standards imposed by the state:

Tovar, Ian E
Commended Performance
Tristan, Natalie N
Commended Performance
Perez, Brianna K
Commended Performance
Peralta, Alejandro J
Commended Performance
Sevilla, Adolfo G
Commended Performance
Trevino, Raul
Commended Performance
Landin, Natalie I
Commended Performance
Portillo, Edewin D
Commended Performance
Santillano, Arely R
Commended Performance
Contreras, Victorio
Commended Performance
Montoya, Miranda N
Commended Performance
Velazco, Sthefanie G
Commended Performance
Aguilar, Joanna F
Commended Performance
Cavazos, Fatima S
Commended Performance
Gutierrez, Gerezyn J
Commended Performance
Parra, Gilberto I
Commended Performance
Pena, Valeria
Commended Performance
Valles, Roel A
Commended Performance
Garza, Sergio
Guerrero, Gabrielle T
Leon, Uvaldo F
Mendez, Rehu A
Padilla, Jesse
Vera, Allie C
Cranston, Rogelio D
Gonzalez, Kirani C
Rosas, Blinzia Y
Aldaco, Xayna G
Carreon, Luis A
Cerda, Emilio G
Lopez, Leslie B
Valdez, Evelyn E
Cantu, Cody
De La O, Natalie
Vargas, Jorge L
Gonzalez Perez, Sidney
Lopez, Sanjuanita N
Munoz, Valeria
Olivares, Tamara
Ramirez, Patricia E
Rosales, Jennifer R
Sandoval, Alexa S
Serna, Santiago
Zapata, Gael
Caballero, Adam M
Espinoza, Ricardo
Gonzalez, Alexis N
Inclan, Ruby
Leal, Anna V
Martinez, Olga E
Rivera, Hector A
Rubio, Rayleen D
Estrada, Alessandra
Hernandez, Amanda M
Perez, Lourdes S
Rodriguez, Angelina N
Villegas, Johneric
Aguirre Pedraza, Carolina
Castillo, Alexa J
Garcia, Brandon A
Gonzalez, Korayma
Pena, Beatriz A
Ramirez, Triana S
Lopez, Branden T
Martinez, Brisa N
Allen, Matthew J
Cortinas, Carolina A
Guerra, Gabriel
Benavides Arguijo, Oscar A
Carreon, Evelyn
Orozco, Melanie H
Ruiz, Jorge I
Trujillo, Lexie M

I want you to know that you have made me very proud to be your teacher. I feel rather like a proud parent! I have enjoyed sharing this journey with you. I have watched all of you grow in attitude and in Math skills. I am very proud of you, as you have demonstrated huge commitment and tried your very best during this school year.

Classroom Rules and Consequences

Mrs. Garcia’s Class

Classroom Rules

Be Prompt
Be prompt and ready to learn in class.

Be Prepared
Be ready to hand in any work or other materials needed for the class.

Be on time every day

If you are absent you will have to make up ALL missed assignments.

 After 2 days, any assignments you turn in will be marked late.

Be on Task

Be attentive and participate. Try to do your best at all times!

Class is dismissed by me, not by the bell.

Be Courteous

Follow the Golden Rule; treat others as you wish to be treated


Student Conference

Break/After School Detention

Parent Conference

Office Visit


Other appropriate action

Example: If you put your head down, you must stand during class.


Handling Distracting & Annoying Behavior In & Out Of The Classroom




Attend to personal needs before coming to class. 

Be nice / respectful to all. When you arrive, please come in and sit down quietly

Good learning environments are quiet. Please close the door quietly behind you 

Remain in your assigned seat unless you have permission to get up. 

Respect for the rights of others to quiet learning environment.

Keep your electronic devices at home or in a backpack 

Standby/Lockdown: All doors will be locked quickly.  Remain calm and quiet.   Stay away from windows and doors. 

Fire Drill: Leave classroom in an orderly manner. Walk quickly, quietly, and with consideration for others, following the designated exit plan.  Move away from the building and stay together.